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Voyage from Valley and Vale Community Arts on Vimeo.

Voyage is comprised of three short films that explore themes of displacement for three African women who have moved, or been moved, to Wales. Using the journey of the river to the sea as a metaphor for life, these inspirational women pause and reflect on their own voyage.

Wizardly music was featured in this video of the first event May Day:

May Day 2011 - A Celebration from Peter Morgan on Vimeo.

Wizards of Mass Distraction: machines No. 1 Funkylator from Peter Morgan on Vimeo.

The Novation Launchpad standby sequence reminds me of a seventies disco floor...

Wizards of Mass Distraction - Live from Peter Morgan on Vimeo.

Part of our performance on April 17 2010. Porthcawl rugby Club. Charity gig with seven other bands organised by Nikki Furness-Jones (she's the one robot dancing!).