Wizardlymusic has created original music for multimedia projects, live events and dance performances. Created using state of the art professional recording software and traditional analogue instruments; precisely tailored songs or incidental music can be created for you. We work closely with you to realise your vision.

We have worked with
  • Valley & Vale Community Arts
  • Projects sponsored by Arts Council of Wales
  • Theatre productions, radio and various performance artists
  • Academi
  • Performances at Natural Health Show, Cardiff
  • Independent film makers
  • Schools and youth organisations
  • Sustainable Wales, Arts for the Earth (Cymru) group

Recent soundtracks:

Voyage from Valley and Vale Community Arts on Vimeo.

Voyage is comprised of three short films that explore themes of displacement for three African women who have moved, or been moved, to Wales. Using the journey of the river to the sea as a metaphor for life, these inspirational women pause and reflect on their own voyage.